Photo Gallery

1931 Pierce-Arrow 43 Coupe (#140 of 160 built) owned by Sean McNew of Ramona, CA
Todd Schonen Packard
1939 Packard 8, 1703, Touring Sedan owned by Todd Schonenberg from Ramona, CA
 Cruis'n on "The Rock" CARavan at an overnight in Cows Head, Newfoundland
1929 Packard, 8,645 Roadster, Dietrich owned by Bob and Ann Steiner
1947 Cadillac 75 ,Formal Limosine, Derham owned by Dumonte and Joan Voigt
1939 Packard Touring Sedan owned by Steve and Carol Ross
1940 Cadillac Coupe owned by Charles and Yolanda Hylton
1935 Packard 12, 1708 Limosine owned by Erik and Belva Baltzar
1935 Packard 12, 1208 Limosine owned by Jim and Catherine Woolsey
1932 Ford 18 Convertible Victoria Drauz formerly owned by Ken Tibbot
1948 Bentley 8 MK VI Sports Saloon, James Young owned by Pierre Lemieux
1936 Packard 12, 1407 Coupe Roadster owned by Ann Steiner
1940 Packard, 8, 1807, Convertible Sedan formerly owned by D. David France
1947 Packard Club Sedan
1941 Cadillac Convertible Coupe formerly owned by Jim Bowersox
1941 Cadillac Sedan Convertibe owned by Carl and Vicki Zeiger